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WP Rentals is a unique WordPress booking theme which saves you time and money when creating your rentals platform. Either you use the theme as a single owner, or you allow users to register and publish listings (properties or objects) for daily or hourly rent, Rentals has you covered.

With over 150 theme options and 20 price options, this theme offers all you need to create a successful rental business and earn money from it. Synchronize your availability calendar easily with other platforms such as Airbnb, HomeAway, etc.

Our theme is up to date with SCA Regulations for Europe Stripe Payments. We also allow customers to enable WooCommerce and their merchants to process payments for bookings through WooCommerce. Instant Booking deposits paid through WooCommerce DO NOT require user Login.

WpRentals can be translated to any language and can be used as a multi-language website with 3rd party Plugins such as Weglot or WPML.

In WpRentals you can choose different price settings for a listing and you can control which of the available fields to show in the listing submit form:

  • A default price per night (or per hour),
  • A different price per night for bookings over 7 days (or custom price per hour for over 7h booking),
  • A different price per night for bookings over 30 days (or a different price per hour for over 30h),
  • A different price per night (or hour) for weekend days,
  • Minimum booking days (or hours),
  • Price for extra guests,
  • Cleaning and/or city fee (with the option to calculate these by night, by guest or by guest and night),
  • Security deposit,
  • Taxes value,
  • Early-bird discount in % for bookings made in advance, and more.

The theme supports custom price per night for a specific period including:

  • Custom price per night for 7d+ or 30d+ bookings,
  • Custom price for weekend nights,
  • A minimum number of nights to book for a specific period
  • Custom price for extra guests,
  • Custom turnover days for a specific period.
  • For booking options, the owner can enable (or disable) the option to calculate the booking fee by the number of guests and price per guest.
  • There is also the possibility to set changeover days (check-in OR check-in and check-out changeover days).

Detailed Feature List:

  • Based on Bootstrap 3 framework
  • Fully responsive
  • HTML5 & CSS3
  • Modern, clean and intuitive design
  • Retina ready
  • Documentation included
  • Easy to customize
  • Cross-browser compatible
  • Valid HTML5 markup
  • Unique CSS3 animations
  • Includes Revolution Slider, WPBakery Page Builderand Ultimate Addons for WPBakery Page Builder plugins. Plugin updates are offered through theme updates.
  • Translate the theme to any language through poedit

General theme features

  • Advanced Google Maps integration.
  • Auto-fill check/checkout/guest on listing page based on advanced search selections and show directly the total cost in booking form
  • Listing Booking Form supports the following: when sending a booking request see a notification that login is mandatory with login modal box to login/register, save booking check-in, check-out and guest values selected before login for easy booking.
  • Listing Booking form – min number of guests check (based on no of guests set in listing). If Vacation Rental is enabled.
  • Listing Booking form – disable guest dropdown if Object Rental is enabled.
  • Custom listing lightbox gallery for attached images

Google Maps Options

  • Open Street Map for single listing page
  • Ajax search on Google Maps and Half Map page template (you can use custom search fields too)
  • Google Map color customization with snazzymaps.com from admin
  • Change map pin image for each category you add. Retina Pin support included
  • Price Pin for Google Maps listings. Show price in full or in short version
  • On/Off option for Google Places Autocomplete search for City, Area and Country which applies in location search and location submit
  • Enable or disable the option to use on demand pins when moving the map, in Listing list half map and Advanced search results half map pages
  • Set max number of listings pins to show in map (for speed management).
  • Add your own custom pins for your listings categories and types
  • Auto-detect for Google Maps if https is enabled
  • Google Places show on single Listing map (to see nearby restaurants, hospitals etc)
  • YELP API integration to show points of interest around the listing
  • NEW: Turn on/off Radius search in half map page with control for radius in miles or km, initial radius, min radius and maxim radius.

Admin Options for theme Appearance

  • Create your own pages with WPBakery Page Builder / Ultimaye addons included plugin shortcodes and with the theme available shortcodes
  • Splash Page with image, image slider or video
  • Mega Menu
  • 5 types of media headers and “transparent menu” option: image header with parallax on/off, video header, google maps header, revolution slider header, listings slider header with 2 design types or no header
  • Video header option for single page header option: manage height control, full screen control, overlay color and opacity
  • Header Image options: height control, full screen control, overlay color and opacity
  • Custom colors managementt
  • Image slider for listing units in lists with yes/no display control in theme options
  • Show on/off option for the menu in user dashboard.
  • Manage global header for owner profiles in theme options
  • Multi-currency API in theme options. Applies for multi-currency widget, which admin can manage/add to any widget area
  • 2 header types with different logo alignment position
  • Header menu custom color management
  • General design options for header (header height, sticky header height, border size, border color)
  • Option to set footer 100% wide
  • Type 1, Type 2 or Type 3 (with custom icons and fields) as design for Listing Unit
  • Type 1 or Type 2 as design options for listing Page layout. You can use icons and Custom Fields for listing details
  • Type 1 or Type 2 as default advanced search over header
  • NEW: Type 3 or Type 4 as custom advanced search options. Add unlimited search fields, including your custom fields – https://wpestate.org/listings-advanced-search-options-in-wp-rentals/
  • Advanced Search form position options (before or after header media, float mode over header media, sticky search option)
  • Option to show on the Listing List half map the listing cards as list or grid
  • Price and currency customization
  • Multi currency switcher
  • Read from file for multiple pins setup for fast browsing
  • Change font (with subset) from theme options
  • Custom theme slider for listings managed by admin
  • Managed / add unlimited custom details to a listing. Custom fields supported are text, date, dropdown or date fields type. They show under Listing Details, next to theme default fields
  • Assign owners to a listing as admin
  • Unlimited listing categories and types
  • Possibility to customize your city or area page with your own content
  • Add a custom header image for Cities and Areas if using the standard taxonomy page
  • NEW: Custom Icons support for a listing page, the fields that show before description area.
  • NEW: Search form position management: float mode, before header media, after media header and sticky search option.
  • NEW: Icon and field management for listing infobox (the one that shows in the map). The icons fields we show by default in the listing infobox can be edited from theme options. You can choose fields from theme default fields, or custom fields you add from theme admin. Choose for each icon from a list of predefined font awesome icons .
  • NEW: Property Card type 3 with Icon and field management (the card that shows in lists). You can choose up to 4 fields to show in card type 3 (these will show on the last line). You can choose icons or text for each field label. You can choose from theme default fields or your custom fields
  • NEW: Show top bar widget area yes/no for mobile devices

Admin Options for property submission management and bookings management

  • NEW: Show property location as dropdown (you can choose to show city / area are 2 independent dropdowns that populate with categories you add from admin)
  • Enable or disable Login with Facebook, Twitter and Google
  • Enable or disable the option for user registration to be with type password in form or with username and email
  • Enable / disable front-end listingsubmission. Registration is mandatory to send booking requests / private messages.
  • NEW: AUTO change from Register modal to Login modal after success register
  • NEW: Redirect management after login (keep the user on the same page or specify to which page to redirect)
  • Recaptha ON/OFF for register form
  • Enable or disable the option to separate registration for users who want to book and users who want to add properties for rent with yes/no control in theme options
  • Admin can allow only specific registered subscribers to have submit options in user dashboard – which allows the theme to be used by 1 single owner too
  • Add Property Status for properties with labels names managed by admin (ex: Add “Verified” status)
  • NEW: select what fields to show in submit form from default theme fields or your own cusotm fields and features and amenities
  • NEW: select which fields are mandatory in submit form (Guest dropdown is not mandatory). If you allow properties to be added without admin approval, all mandatory fields will need to be filled in before property status changes from pending to published.
  • NEW: Select if you wish to show guest dropdown in submit
  • NEW: Select if you wish submit to be for object rental (turn label from “night” to day) or vacation rental.
  • Admin can select which are weekend days from admin – general settings (Saturday & Sunday OR Friday & Saturday OR Friday & Saturday & Sunday)
  • NEW: Manage the no of months for calendar and no of guests in dropdown from admin – theme options – general settings – appearance
  • The theme allows admin to take DEPOSIT and/or SERVICE fee (these can also be 0). Service fee the site administrator fee.
  • Deposit can be taken in % (from 0 to 100) or as fixed value. Money go to Admin account (PayPal, stripe or the wire transfer)
  • Option to Include expenses (city and cleaning fee) when calculating admin booking fee
  • Paypal and Stripe integration. WIre Transfer support exists well.
  • WOO COMMERCE support to process payments through WOO Commerce supported merchants
  • Membership system with control for each package with recurring option for, pro.perty submission
  • Or Pay per Listing option with extra fee to make listing featured for listing submission
  • Email Management in theme options which HTML support for img, br, em & strong elements. This allows admin to edit email notifications content.

Users / Owners options for listings submission & bookings management

  • Add custom fields to each listing from Details Sections
  • Front-end listing submit form
  • Front-end listing edit form
  • Add listing to favorites list and manage remove/access them from My Favorites page in user dashboard
  • Option to Disable or Enable published listing in user dashboard – My Listings List
  • Submission form includes price per night with before and after price label.
  • Owner can set a discount price for longer periods by adding a custom price per day for 7d+ reservations or for 30d+ reservations
  • Owner can set custom price per day or period by selecting specific dates from the calendar available in Price Settings
  • Add City fee / Cleaning fee by guest OR by night OR by night and guest
  • City fee can also be set as %.
  • Listing submission form includes minim days of booking
  • Listing submission form includes custom price for weekend (Friday, Saturday and Sunday OR Friday and Saturday OR Saturday and Sunday)
  • Property submission form includes price for each extra guest
  • Property submission form includes check option to allow more guests than number of guests added in property and ask a fee for each extra guest
  • Property submission form includes check option to pay by the number of guests (and disregard property price or custom price)
  • Property submission includes option to force bookings to start check in on a specific day OR option to have check-in and check-out on a specific day
  • Instant Booking check option for each property
  • Allow each owner to add / edit / delete extra expenses for each booking: by guest, by night or by night and by guest. These show in booking form when submitting a booking request.
  • Listing submission supports Early Bird discount (in %) and the MINIM number of days before discount applies.
  • Allow owner to set the taxes value in submit form (in %). Taxes are considered included in the daily price. They show in Invoice Details for owner only
  • Allow owner to set the taxes value in submit form (in %). Taxes are considered included in the daily price. They show in Invoice Details for owner only
  • An email alert sent to user that remaining payment for booking is required (cron – 3 days before booking starts, or can be sent manually when owner sends the notification – ( max 3 reminders can be sent manually). Email text is managed from Email Management by admin
  • Add images for each property and re-order images in submit form with drag and drop
  • ICALENDAR multiple feed Import to sync availability calendar with other platforms that support ICAL feed. You can also do calendar single feed Export to other platforms
  • Owner has full control over pin position on the map which can be set by click or using the PIN ADDRESS TO MAP button
  • Block certain periods in property calendar
  • The option to cancel a booked reservation by property owner
  • User Dashboard – All in one calendar page for a global view of properties and booked dates, to set custom price, mark dates as booked
  • Search My Properties in My Properties, My Bookings, My Reservations pages from user dashboard
  • Invoices are generated by the theme when booking requests are sent/approved and can be seen in detail in My Bookings (for owner) or My Reservations (for renter)
  • Detailed invoices display in user dashboard. Print option is available
  • Internal messaging system between registered users
  • Save and Delete Favorite listings as registered user
  • Reservations & Bookings control system in user dashboard – My Bookings and My Reservations

Additional Options specific to users sending booking requests

  • Add a review for each booked listing from User Dashboard, after a booking has ended
  • Show login modal in booking form if you are not logged in and try to send a booking request or a private message to owner
  • – Save booking check-in, check-out & guest selections made on booking form on listing page before LOGIN IN / REGISTER for after user registers.
  • -Be able to send a message to owner as registered or not registered user.

Advanced Search Options

  • Advanced Search Custom Fields support for the new search types integrated – Type 3 and Type 4.
  • Custom fields allowed: – unlimited (for type 3 and 4)
  • Custom fields per row: 1,2,3 or 4 fields per row supported (for type 3 and 4)
  • Custom fields (for type 3 and 4) supported: Location. It can be input style with theme auto-complete. It can be input style with google places auto-complete. Or it can be dropdown style showing all cities, areas, countries, states, and counties from properties published in theme database
  • Custom fields (for type 3 and 4) supported: Check-in and Check-out. Always set them in pair.
  • Other custom fields supported: Guest Number, Listing Main Category and Second Category, Listing City and Property Area (as separate dropdowns, The dropdowns are NOT dependable), Listing County, Listing State – these are input style fields (they are text fields), Listing Country – this is a dropdown with all countries (a list coded in the theme). It is an independent dropdown, Baths, Bedrooms, and Rooms – 3 default fields, which can be listed as input or as a dropdown. For these, you can choose to show properties with values smaller, equal to or greater than the value selected in the search.
  • Custom fields added from theme options: text, number, and dropdown can be added to advanced search custom fields as well (for search type 3 and 4)
  • Select your choice of features and amenities to display in search, and these will show in search type 3 and 4 in the header, and half map filters
  • Search type 4 has 3 default fields that cannot be removed: type keyword (used for property title), listing main and 2nd category. You can add additional unlimited fields from theme options
  • Search type 1, and 2 location options can be input style with theme auto-complete, can be input style with google places auto-complete or can be dropdown style showing all cities, areas, countries, states, and counties from properties published in theme database
  • Search type 1 and 2 come with default search fields

Other options

  • WPML Multi-language support for Multilanguage sites. Please note that WPML is a plugin that implies you translate everything manually, from admin area, including bookings, messages.
  • WEGLOT Multi-language support for Multilanguage sites
  • Launch of Rentals Club Extensions for Wp Rentals (3rd party software). Extension: SMS Notifications via Twilio and Payments Management. Check http://www.rentalsclub.org/ for more info
  • And many more…


usage of Domains Unlimited Website Use
  • Files & Document Included.
  • Use On Unlimited Web Site
  • Standard Support From Our Experts
  • License Key Included.
  • Wp Latest Version Included.



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